William Painter Sunglasses Review – Williams Best Review 2021

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for sunny days. A good pair of sunglasses does a fine job of keeping your eyes safe from UV rays, dust, and wind. If you’re driving or motorcycling somewhere during the day, you can’t really do without a sturdy pair of shades.

William Painter Sunglasses Review

All of this, you already know. So, what’s the fuss about William Painter sunglasses? What makes them so special?

The William Painter the Hook Titanium Polarized (that’s a mouthful) sunglasses are simply ideal for any outdoor activity. If you’re concerned about UV protection, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these. They are also adept at keeping glare off your eyes and giving you a clear vision of your surroundings. The sunglasses feel solid and secure when you wear them, thanks to the high-grade titanium arms.

That’s to say nothing of how cool they look. The shape and form factor is beautiful. This becomes evident when you put on a pair. It fits any old head size like a charm. So, no annoying slipping and sliding off noses!

The Hook is one the trendiest models off the William Painter line of sunglasses.

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Aerospace Grade Titanium Arms with Discrete Bottle Opener Technology

Yes, you read that right. No, it’s not a gimmick. William Painter actually took two patented bottle openers and stuck them at the end of each arm. I think you can safely open thousands of bottle caps with these “aerospace grade” titanium bottle openers without a hint of damage to them. With these handy bottle openers built into the sunglasses, now you have no excuse to be dehydrated!

The sunglasses arms have black armor coating and acetate frames. William Painter took great pains to make it obvious that the glasses are practically indestructible. The titanium arms will let you rest easy, knowing they won’t snap into two like most shades. This isn’t an exaggeration! I’ve lost so many of my favorite sunglasses due to a single moment of carelessness.

Titanium is THE most durable metal in the world. So naturally, it’s heavier than the rest. But with the Hook sunglasses, they’ve done a fantastic job. I found it hard to believe how light they are the first time I put them on. Excellent work, William Painter.

Black Armor Coating

Like I mentioned above, William Painter Hook sunglasses come with a protective coating. The company claims that this titanium coating makes the frames military-grade strong. And there’s no reason to doubt them when you put these shades on. It appears to be built like a small tank.

This is why I have no reservations about the durability of this item. Frankly, I don’t see anyone having concerns, not about durability in any case! Most sunglasses don’t last longer than two to three years. But you can comfortably keep the Hook sunglasses as your go-to pair of shades for many, many years to come.

Features and specifications

  • Dimensions are 8.5 x 4.2 x 3 inches
  • Bridge length: 2.2 cm, Lens width: 5 cm, Arms: 15 cm
  • It weighs 1.7 ounces
  • The material of the frame is titanium
  • It has composite polarized lenses
  • The sunglasses are in the classic Wayfarer style
  • Two different lens colors are available
  • The arms are equipped with discrete bottle opener technology.
  • The nylon polarized lenses have scratch and temperature resistance
  • The lenses are hydrophobic, antistatic, and prescription-friendly
  • It comes with a hard case and includes a cloth wipe
  • Provides 100% UVA and UVB ray protection

What others are saying about the Hook

If you are shopping around for the top polarized sunglasses, I’m confident there are many fantastic options out there. My favorite happens to be these William Painter sunglasses. But don’t take my word for it! I’ll give you a summary of what the internet thinks about these shades.

The Hook sunglasses happen to be some of the best-reviewed shades on sites like Amazon. I was impressed to see how most people have had a positive experience with this item. Honestly, not every pair of sunglasses ever made will fit everyone’s face. Most sunglasses are made according to average face shapes. This makes it all the more remarkable how most people comment on these sunglasses’ incredible fit.

The other thing everyone seems to be impressed with is the surprising lightness of the William Painter shades. A pair of sunglasses as heavy-duty and well-built as this one has no right being this light! People are also in love with the scratch-resistant feature of the lens provided. The consensus seems to be that the Hook is a solid pair of sunglasses that gives you great value for money.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

A hundred different questions must be swimming in your head right now! That’s quite understandable. When you’re shopping around for a new product, particularly one that’s close to your heart, it can get very confusing. To make your life a bit easier, I have come up with the most frequently asked questions about the William Painter sunglasses:

Can I replace the lenses with my prescription ones?

Yes, of course. You’ll see in the description of the item that it features prescription-friendly lenses. This means you can swap the lenses out in a heartbeat with prescribed ones from your doctor. If you have eye-related problems and cannot use the regular sunglasses lenses, you should get them replaced right away.

Is it possible that the arms will break if I open bottles with the bottle opener?

No, it’s close to impossible. The material of the arms is aerospace-grade titanium. Solid and light, they are practically unbreakable.

How do the lenses hold up? Do they last long?

The moment you put them on, you’ll know! I think you can use them daily for years to come. As the lenses are scratch-resistant, you won’t have to replace them in a hurry either. You can use them for driving, fishing, hiking, etc. In fact, they’re suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities. So, yes, the lenses do hold up pretty amazingly.

I have a small head. Will it fit my face?

It should. Even then, don’t forget to check the item dimensions before you splurge on such a fine pair of sunglasses!

Final Thoughts

The William Painter the Hook Polarized Titanium sunglasses will serve all your outdoor needs. They are built like the classic Wayfarers of old, so not looking cool is no longer an option. But looking fabulous isn’t the only thing that these shades do well. The polarized lenses provide great functionality. They are ruthless when it comes to cutting off glare.

The Hook also ticks all the boxes for an adventurer or outdoorsy person looking for a well-built pair of shades. The titanium arms and black armor are “military-grade”. The hydrophobic and antistatic lenses reduce glare and enhance color perception in the sun. What’s not to like?

I hope you have a good idea about the William Painter shades now. So, are these the ones for you? You be the judge!