Printer Not Working – How to Fix Common Printer Problems

Maybe you sat for printing some important documents. You started running the machine. But the pages came out blank!

How many times did it happen to you? A pretty lot, right?

Then, what comes to your mind first? Possibly, the ink cartridge is empty. So you checked the cartridge, found it ok,or installed a new one. Then, you ran the machine again.

But the pages are still blank! Now, you’re really fed up with your printer not printing text. You’re sure some errors happened with your printer but don’t know how to fix them.

Here, we have provided several best possible solutions for you. These solutions may help you to get rid of the problem.

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Ways to Fix If Your Printer Isn’t Printing Text

Like most other issues we commonly face with the computer, this printing issue can be fixed by following quite a few ways. Try all the solutions below, and see which one clicks for your printer.

Solution No. 1

The procedure described below is for Windows 10.

  • At first, make sure everything is connected, and turn on the printer
  • Go to the search section on your computer and just type “printer”
  • At the top of the search, you will find the “printer and scanner” (system and setting) option
  • Click on the “printer and scanner” option
  • Now, you’ll get printer and scanner settings
  • Select the connected printer
  • Click on the “manage” option
  • Once you click on “manage,” you’ll see the option “printer preferences”
  • Click on “printer preferences”
  • Go to the maintenance
  • Once you click on “maintenance,” you’ll see the options like nozzle check, head cleaning, print head alignment, power link flashing, job arrangement lite, etc.
  • Now, try nozzle check by clickingon that option, and it will start checking.
  • Click on the test piece for printing
  • You’ll see one of the two results, good or cleaning needed
  • If good, it’s ok, but if cleaning is needed, then just click on “clean”
  • A “start” option for cleaning will appear
  • Click on “start”
  • Cleaning will start

Note: You’ll see the light of your printer is blinking. It indicates that the cleaning process is going on. This blinking signal will appear in all models of printers.

Once the blinking stops and the light becomes constant, it indicates that the cleaning is complete.

  • So, now it’s done. Click on “finish”

After that, possibly, your pages will not come out blank anymore.
If you still have issues with printings, try other options like head alignment, power link flashing, etc.

Solution No. 2

In the case of Windows 7 or 8, try this alternative way described below.

  • Go to the search section and type “control panel”
  • The control panel will appear at the top of the search
  • After opening the control panel, you will see the “your device and printer” option
  • Click on “your device and printer”
  •  Select the printer you’ve connected
  • Right-click on that printer, and you will see the ”printing and preferences” option
  • Click on the “printing and preferences” option
  • You’ll find a box
  • Click on “maintenance”
  • Now, you’ll see different options like nozzle check, head cleaning, and others

The rest of the procedure is just like that of Windows 10, which has already been described above.

Solution No. 3

  • Turn on the printer
  • Go to settings
  • Then the maintenance
  • Click on the “nozzle check”
  • Then click on “start printing”
  • If there are issues with your printer, the page will come out blank
  • The question “are there anything missing?” will appear with two options, “yes” and “no”
  • Select “yes”
  • You will see a “clean the print head to correct missing dots” option
  • Click on “start”

Note: The cleaning head process will start. It will take about three minutes. Don’t turn off the device until the cleaning is completed.

  • You will see “cleaning complete, check if nozzles are not clogged”
  • lick on “Finish”
  • Again, Click on “nozzle check”
  • Check whether the words are coming out now, andif the prints come without missing a single word, it’s ok
  • But if there are still missing words, select “yes”
  • Click on “clean print head”
  • Now the cleaning will start.

Note: Again, it asks for three minutes. But you can skip this if you don’t want to wait.

  • Once cleaning is completed, click on the “Finish” option
  • Restart the printer
  • Print new documents

Now the pages will not come out blank anymore.

Solution No.4

If you’re running Windows 10, and the printer isn’t taking command, then make some changes in the settings of the printer.

  • Go to the printer’s properties
  • Find the advanced tab
  • Look for “enable printing features” and turn it off
  • Save the changes
  • Ensure that the print queue is totally free
  • Retry your printing process and check if it works


I think now you’ll be able to fix the problem of your printer not printing texts. Let us know which of the solutions was helpful for you.

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