How To Make A Folding Table Look Like A Desk?

Are you worried about your small looking room? Or are you looking for an extra room to decor your house but you don’t want to spend much?

If so, then you can buy a folding table that is easily be dressed up for a look the part of a stylish, elegant and modern desk. But how you make your folding table look like a desk. In this article, we will discuss how to make a folding table look like a desk? Today there are different kinds of home decor products that can change the look of your ordinary house. One such modern and home decor furniture is a folding table which can easily be made into a desk.

Having a folding table seems to be a very good option for any gathering like school affairs, conferences, and parties. Many homeowners and establishments like to use this kind of table due to its light in weight and ease of work. There are different ways to make your table into a chick desk. But here we explain a common concept that helps you to make your table look like a desk. Please stay with us until the last dot and learn more the whole about the process.

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What is a folding table?

A folding table is a versatile design of furniture of different space as it allows enough room that helps to meets your different needs. One of the most common concerns about a folding table is that the long-lasting use and ease of use. It seems to be a must home decor furniture to every household. You can also store a folding table easily in a small space. The portable nature makes this table more popular with the users as well.

What is it going to be used for?

There are different types and designs of the folding table out on the market. Different styles of folding table specialize different uses. But having the best fitting design of table comes with the best performance.

It is perfect for any types of event. It seems to be an excellent piece of furniture that is also usable for workplaces, domestic, different occasions and parties and many other demands. You can also use this folding table in your bedroom to keep speakers, laptop, and many other necessary things.

How to make a folding table look like a desk?

A quick and easy way that makes your folding table into a desk is a coat of paint. Painting your folding table makes the task easy for you and makes your table look like a desk. Let’s discuss how we can complete the overall process below:

Step 1 (Prep the surface)

What is the first step of painting process that makes your table look like a desk? At first, clean the table surface and apply a little amount of grease which will make your painting process smooth. Then you should paint the clean area of your table and avoid the dirty surface.

Prep the surface

Step 2 (Prime)

Before priming ensures that the area where you are going to apply the primer is clean enough. When you have a plastic or metal table then priming plays an important role to make the table durable as well.

Step 3 (Paint the Stool Seat)

After preparing the surface and finishing the priming process, you can apply the spray of paint. You can spray any kinds of spray you like best. Let it dry after finishing spray paint. When it dried to make it ready for copper treatment. You can use a plastic wrap or painting safety tape to protect the painted table surface.

Paint the Stool Seat

Step 4 (Accept the unexpected)

If there is any bubble, you find it is not suitable for spray painting. You should select the too cold area for painting. It is better to back to the painting board.

Step 5 (Apply liquid gilding to table legs)

After completing the spray paint let it dry. Then use a liquid gliding to the table legs that make it protected. It is better to go for liquid gilding instead of copper spray paint.

Step 6 (Apply a second coat of gilding)

It is better to use a small brush that is soft enough to avoid poor brush strokes. Before you apply the coat of gilding, you need to open windows as it is smelly stuff. Wear a mask during gilding that makes you safe from paint fume.

Step 7 (Allow to dry)

Finally, allow it to dry. Use this table desk gently and if you find any wear and tear apply a little spray over a clear coat.

After completing all these steps, you will find your folding table looking like a stylish and modern desk.

Allow to dry

How to buy the right kind of folding tables?

There are many different benefits of using a folding table. Due to its ease of use makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor functions. You can also store this unit easily. There are different types of the folding table uses for different purposes such as camping or playing game etc. How can you buy the best folding table? Well, below here are some important considerations that make your buying easy.

folding tables

Purpose of use

One of the most important considerations to buy a folding table is that what is the purpose of the table has to offer. You should make an idea what you want from the folding table that can meet your needs. You should also consider where you are going to use this unit whether in a home or outdoor space like camp.

Size and shape of a folding table

You should also consider the size and shape of your folding table. It is best to buy a long folding table if you want to use it for dining room or picnics or social gatherings. The long folding table allows you to accommodate plenty of guests and to offer more space.

You should also consider a long and rectangular table for a conference or training room. This type of table has enough room that allows your seat comfortably.

You should buy a square type of folding table for working in the garage. Try to buy a square type of folding table for playing cards and different family games.

Indoor and outdoor use

Before choosing a folding table considers the indoor and outdoor use of this unit. If you are looking for a table for indoor use, you should go for a wood top folding table.

This type of table is durable enough which lasts for long. The plastic top folding table is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor activity. You can also clean the plastic unit easily as well.

Material of folding table

There are different materials that make the folding table. It is made of aluminum, steel, wood and many other materials which last for long without any problem. The metal construction of folding table is durable and convenient to use.

The plastic, wood and vinyl construction of folding table also achieved the popularity. The wood top table is reasonably cost-effective. But the table of particleboard construction seems to be a great purchase for the money as well.

Weight of a folding table

You should consider the weight of the folding table. You need to buy one that is light in weight. But there is some table that is made of strong metal is little heavy. There is also some well-built table that has a lightweight construction which is easy to use.


When you are not using the folding table make sure that you can store this in a small area. So it is better to buy a small folding table that you can store easily.

Final verdict:

We come to a conclusion in this article about “How to make a folding table look like a desk”. Having a folding table is an excellent innovation for your home decor. The folding table which we make it look like a desk is also very helpful for many of us as well.

It is a creative construction which is easy to use for different purposes. A folding table looking like a desk seems to be a great addition that offers valuable service for many of us as well.