Lowrance Hook 3x Fish Finder Review: Should You Buy?

Lowrance Hook 3x Review

Looking for fish finders? I understand how hard it is to find one that is easily maneuverable and affordable. Guess what? There’s such a device that I used. I thought why shouldn’t I render my helping hand to the fellow fishing enthusiasts? So, I decided to write a review on the device I’ve been using for a long time- the Lowrance Hook 3X fish finder.

Whether a regular fisherman or a leisure-time angler, everyone knows the time and effort needed for finding a right fishing spot. If you own a fish finder device, a lot of your energy and valuable time will be saved because this gadget will locate the position of fishes for you.

Lowrance is a renowned company for manufacturing electronic marine devices. All their appliances are fabulous and functional. The Hook 3X model of theirs has kept up to this company’s excellence through its impressive features.

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Dual Frequency

The dual-frequency setting of this fish finder allows the user to use 83 kHz or 200 kHz of frequency as per his needs. These two frequencies will provide different conical coverage for the convenience of the user.

The 83 kHz sonar operation gives you 60 degrees cone of angle. For big fish catching, you need this type of conical coverage. For displaying the big fish arches and fishing in large areas, you should use this frequency level.

The 200 kHz option covers up to an angle of 20 degrees. It’s convenient for displaying the image beneath your boat. You can identify objects and fishes more precisely when lure-tracking.

There’s a page button on the device which allows you to quickly switch from one frequency mode to another as per your convenience and necessity. Whether the area is shallow or deep water, this dual frequency feature will make your hard work effortless.

Advanced Signal Processing Technology (ASP)

The Lowrance Hook 3X fishfinder features ASP technology or Advanced Signal Processing technology. This feature does things automatically which you would’ve needed to do if this feature wasn’t there. Yes, it reduces the need of adjusting settings manually.

You might not want to change the fish finder’s settings every time you reach different levels of water.

This Lowrance Hook 3X has the ASP technology for the users’ ease. You won’t need to alter the settings frequently to see the position of fishes, water depth, and structure, etc. This technology will do this job for you.

Ease of Operating

This device is simple and trouble-free to use. You won’t need a day off from work to understand how it works. You can adjust the viewing angle, zoom out the vision, and use an alarm with the help of a few buttons. The menu button has more advanced options in it.

Moreover, the ASP technology eases up the functions more. It automatically adjusts most of the settings as per the fishing requirements.

Lowrance Hook 3X Features and Specifications

  • The item dimension is 3.8 x 1.9 x 6.5 inches. It weighs less than 2 lbs.
  • The package contains one Hook 3X sonar, a quick-release bracket, and a high-speed skimmer transducer.
  • It features a 3-inch color display which is 11-level LED backlit. The display resolution is 320×240 pixels.
  • This device operates in 10 to 17v DC power.
  • There are two frequency settings; 83 and 200 kHz. 83 kHz covers a cone angle of 60 degrees, and 200 kHz
  • gives 20 degrees conical coverage. There’s a page button to switch between the frequencies.
  • There’s Advanced signal processing (ASP) technology equipped to lessen the need of altering settings manually.
  • The skimmer transducer has a water-temperature sensor. It can track water beneath your boat up to 75mph.
  • Track and zoom keys available. The device displays fish icons with the help of fish ID. You can zoom out the
  • images up to 4 times more than the regular view.
  • The device has an alarm feature.
  • The maximum output power of this tool is 180W.

Customer Reviews & Scores

If you’re looking for a great fish finder device at a reasonable price, you should opt for buying Lowrance Hook 3X fish finder. This compact device has every excellent feature that people look for in a quality fish finder. Besides, you get it all within your means. In this section, I’ll present to you what customers think about this product. Till now you’ve been reading what I like about this item. Now, let’s see what people have to tell about it.

This device had an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 the last time I checked it. 75% of the total users gave it 4 & 5 stars and admired it. This product has popularity got within a short time of arriving in the marketplaces. I like it very much because it has improved my fishing sessions ever since I started using it.

Nearly every review I found was positive. Some users complained that they couldn’t get exact depths sometimes. Moreover, some told that the instruction manual lacked information.

Well, when we tested for these drawbacks, we found that if you exceed the speed of 75 mph, the device won’t give you correct results. The transducer can work with a maximum of 75mph speed. Turning the frequency to 200 kHz might give you actual results. Also, yes, the instructions may be insufficient for a beginner. If you’re an experienced fisherman, you won’t find anything complain-able in the instructions.

Other customers said at such a low price, this fish finder works like magic. It gives them precise location of the fish, proper depth of water and more details about the objects and targets.

Customers mentioned that this tool is easy to install and use. They also mentioned that it does exactly what the product descriptions say. They said it works brilliantly.

How To Use Lowrance Hook 3X Fish Finder

It’s natural that several questions peep in your mind whenever you’re about to buy any new gadget. Some questions are usual to arise while purchasing a fish finder online. So, I tried to cover some of those questions, and I hope these will come to your help.

Does this device have GPS?

  • No. this device doesn’t have the GPS feature. It works as a fish/depth finder only. Most of the other models of this brand have GPS capability in them. If you want the GPS feature, you’ll have to increase your budget a bit. At the price this device comes, you won’t get GPS feature.

How do I change the appearance of the fish in the display?

  • There’re a fish ID option in this device. When you turn that on, you’ll see fish icons instead of arches in the location of the fishes.

Is this device waterproof?

  • The manufacturer description says it is a waterproof device.

What does the alarm function of this device do?

  • The alarm is for low water level areas. It gives you warnings when your boat reaches the areas where there is water of much low level.

Does this device come with a battery?

  • No. The package doesn’t include any battery. You have to buy it separately. You can buy 12v batteries. It will operate via your boat’s battery too. Make sure to connect it to a battery of 10 to 17v, not exceeding it.

Bottom line on Lowrance Hook 3X Fish Finder

After reading this review, you might already know how much I’m in love with this device. I liked this fish finder since I started using it. Its ASP technology along with the skimmer transducer has lessened my workload in my fishing time. I can now stay assured that I’ll catch a good load of fishes whenever I go fishing.

I’ve used many fish finders till now. If you seek my suggestion, I’ll tell you that this Lowrance Hook 3X fish finder is the best budget-friendly device. It won’t cost you a lot, but give you services as most of the expensive gadgets. I use this device in all my fishing sessions now. I’m quite sure of the fact that you’ll like it too, once you see it and use it.