Install A Wood Stove In A Garage [Top 17 Processes]

Always we hear about a wood stove in a house. But do you ever hear about a wood stove in a garage? Yes, today we are going to discuss a wood stove in a garage and how to go about it? Today how to install a wood stove in a garage is not too difficult as we thought.

If you have the proper knowledge then installing a wood stove is an easy task for anyone at any place. Generally, garage space is a place where we park a car. Often we use this garage space as a workshop or a playing ground for a child. But it becomes little unheated in all year around.

Installing a wood stove seems to be an easy way to heat our garage space and use it all year around. In this article, we will try to explain how we can successfully install a wood stove in our garage to make it comfortable. Let’s see the safe and basic installation process here.

Table of Contents

Step by Step Procedure for Installing a Wood Stove in a Garage

Installing a wood stove in a garage can give you a good look and feel. It is a better concept to get as much knowledge as you can especially when you are going to start your wood burning installation process. You will find plenty of factors that you must be reviewed when installing a wood stove. Let’s discuss these processes below:

wood stove in a garage

Step 1

First of you should select the best location in your garage for installing a wood stove. Placing your stove in a non-inflammable material is important. The concrete and ceramic tile is the best choice because they do not catch fire easily. You should install your wood stove in an area at least 12″ of allowable material in all sides of the stove.

Step 2

Now install the stove in the preferred location in the garage. This will help you to measure ceiling system of a chimney, wall covering and roof penetration. Contact with an expert or manufacturer for non-inflammable wall clearances and ensure that your installation process meets all the laws.

Step 3

Draw a line over the ceiling for the chimney opening. Use a plumb bob in the middle of the chimney connection on the stove.

Step 4

Using a compass and draw a circle over the diameter of the chimney as it can penetrate the roof and ceiling. Extend four inches to the diameter of the hole and give a minimum space to any inflammable material, for example, the roof structure or ceiling joists. Synthesize the chimney configuration or stove position. Because it is essential to keep the roof penetration of the chimney close to the ceiling joists and roof rafters.

Step 5

Use a utility knife or saw and cut through the ceiling sheetrock. Also, cut the ceiling hole for adjusting the metal chimney collar.

Step 6

According to the configuration of the circle cut the roofing and roof sheathing on the stove attachment. You can do this job by applying a reciprocating saw or jigsaw.

Step 7

Make the opening of the roof clear and prepare the roof for installation of a chimney. Follow the manufacturer instruction of the chimney before installation. Check the exact location of the hole and use a plumb bob throughout the hole of your ceiling.

Step 8

Take the measurement of the garage space over the concrete floor under the wood stove. Make a space between wall line and the door opening of the stove. Then if you want to align the tape measure you need to use a framing square.

Step 9

Move the wood stove away from the opening of the backside wall.

Step 10

Cover the incomplete garage wall with fire-rated sheetrock. Position the wood stove horizontally. Keep 48″ of space between the wall and middle line of the stove location. Using a screwdriver and sheetrock screws to attach it to the garage wall. You need to extend the fire-rated sheetrock for corner installations.

Step 11

Install a cement backer board (36″ high and centered) horizontally with the middle line of the stove. Never enlarge the cement backer board into the end of the fire-rated sheetrock. Using the screwdriver and screws you can attach the wall framing with cement board.

Step 12

Use a tape measure and relocate the wood stove to ensure all the needed clearances.

Step 13

Attach the chimney through the collar flashing and roof opening. Pass the joined chimney assembly and run the base of the chimney gathering over the chimney collar on the stove end. According to the manufacturer’s instructions attach the chimney to the stove flange.

Step 14

Connect the counter-flashing over the roof collar flashing. Run a regular bead of silicone around the gap between the vertical surface of the chimney and the inside edge of storm collar.

Step 15

Set up the chimney cap. Confirm that the cap is completely locked over the top of the chimney assembly.

Step 16

Open the chimney flue about 6 feet above from the floor through turning the metal handle of the chimney.

Step 17

Using a match and light a small fire in the wood stove. Connect the flue as required to maintain an even smoke draft up the chimney.

Additional Tips Related to the Installation of Wood Stove:

  • When you are going to install your wood stove in the garage, consult with an expert and have someone else to do that job easy for you.
  • It is significant to maintain the maintenance of your newly installed stove.
  • Always keeping your wood stove clean and clear.
  • Do not burn the wood that is too wet. Because it makes huge smoke and clogs up your vent pipe which is a deadly situation.
  • Always follow the installation instructions and your wood stove.
  • Following these tips, you can stay safe and warm at the same time.

Final Verdict

Before installing a wood stove confirm that you are clear on any regional planning laws and regulations. Try to follow the installation instructions as much as you can which ensures comfortable warmth for many years without any problems. I hope the step by step process that we mentioned above would be quite helpful. Follow these steps on how to install a wood stove in a garage successfully.