Decorating Wagon for Baby in Wedding – Top 5 Ways

Gone are the days when weddings were boring and by-the-numbers. Nowadays, everyone wants to be an active participant in the ceremony, be it planning or decorating, or just plain out having fun! No matter their age, people love to be part of the fun at wedding s.

Now, if you have a baby, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want them to be a part of the celebration. So, yes, this article is exactly for you. If you’ve been wondering how to go about this task of decorating wagon for baby in wedding, I have news for you.

Although many of us have this idea that decorating a wagon must be very hard to pull off in a cool and classy way. Well, most of us are completely wrong!

In reality, some simple tweaks and changes can help you show off that adorable kid of yours at the ceremony. Who doesn’t love a tiny dressed-up kid at a wedding?

Are you still wondering how? Well, there are so many things you could be doing. Apart from dressing them up as the bride, you can also turn their wagon into a fairytale-ish object for the event.

If you have been following the latest wedding trends, you must surely have seen how toddlers can add a sweet touch to weddings. There are, of course, lots of ways to decorate a wagon. Here are some general ideas that we hope you’ll love:

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Decorating Wagon For Baby In Wedding – Top 5 Ways

1. The classic style

Wrap white silk clothes around the wagon and put a red bow on it. You can use flowers like white or red roses. The flowers will make the carriage more beautiful. Then, make your child sit on the wagon. Not just the guests, we’re sure even the bride and groom will love the idea.

2. The all-flower style

This one will turn out pretty cool if you can pull it off with care, that is!

Use flowers to cover the whole wagon. You can either choose single or multi-color flowers for the decoration. If the dress code is white, decorate the wagon with white roses or white gladioluses. If there is no dress code, go for multi-color (but the same kind) flowers for the decoration.

3. The Cinderella

Do you remember the carriage that the fairy grandma gifted to Cinderella on the night of her ballroom dance party? You can give your baby wagon that Cinderella-like carriage look on the wedding day. You’ll earn massive cool points from children and adults alike.

4. The wooden wagon

Ah, antiques! There is nothing as pretty as an old wooden wagon. It gives an aesthetic touch to the ceremony. You can ask your carpenter to make you one. It is effortless to make. But don’t forget to add the extra tires to the wagon for easy carrying. Stuff the inside with a blanket and pillow to make the event comfortable for your little one.

5. Lace and flower

Few combinations look as good as the classic lace and flower. Trust me, your kid will look like a cherub sitting in it. Do use contrasting or similar colored lace and flowers for maximum effect. Blue on red; red on red; white and yellow; golden and white; and silver and white are fantastic combinations that will fit any wedding ceremony’s mood.


Tips and tricks you can follow

Is there anything as adorable as seeing a cute ring-bearer baby boy or a flower girl riding around their wagon? Now, there are some tricks you can follow so that the precious wagon can withstand the pulling, grabbing, and abuse from your little tyke.

The process of decorating wagon for baby can be a bit complicated, but once you are done, you won’t be able to take your eyes off your creation! Follow these design ideas to make the wedding even more adorable.

Let’s dive in!

  • Covering the wagon: Wrap the wagon in sturdy fabric and fasten it properly to the wagon’s structure. This way, it cannot be torn or pulled out. Most decorators use high-quality lace or thick polyester (cotton as well) in most cases. You can use floral or light checkered cloth as well. The patterned colors will give the wagon a touch of festivity! Do not forget to put a pad or blanket underneath the fabric to make the children feel comfortable.
  • Your child’s safety: Children may grab the flowers (and whatever else they can get their hands on) and put them in their mouths. So it is always better to use child-safe fake flowers for decoration. Another reason for this: many kids are allergic to real flowers. Therefore, use decoration items suitable for your child’s age. If your kid is too young, you very well know they will put everything inside their mouth, so design the wagon keeping this in mind.
  • Using simple trims: If you are trimming the wagon, then use simple trim-like braids which can be sewn on the wagon’s fabric and cannot be quickly pulled off. It would be best to leave the wheels and the handles undecorated for ease of movement. If you want to decorate the handle, use colorful ribbons or fabrics attached securely.
  • Clean the wagon properly: Maybe the wagon hasn’t been in use for a long time, or it just arrived from the carpenter. Then, you must check the wagon properly. Make sure the wagon is free from insects or pins, or dust.
  • Keep the wedding theme in mind: Lastly, decorate your wagon in line with the theme and the colors of the ceremony. Otherwise, it will ruin the entire party’s look and possibly result in an annoyed bride and groom! Pro tip: wedding themes are usually light colors such as off-white, white, or light pink.

Final Verdict

There you go! Some solid tips that you should be following when decorating a wagon for your baby. If you put in that bit of effort, trust me, you’ll surprise yourself with the results!

The wagon is a quirky and playful item to have as wedding decor. Like most aspects of the ceremony, your budget and creativity are the deciding factors. Go crazy, and you can do wonders even on a tiny budget!