The Century Wavemaster XXL Review For 2021 – A Standout Stand Up

Whats up guys. Are you serious to improve your fitness and health? If yes, you are here at the right place. You will find many different advanced training methods for upgrading your fitness and health by fitness industry in minimum time. But today the most popular and practical piece of equipment for both champions and non-professionals is the heavy bag. If you want to save money and space which allows you to train at your maximum capacity, you then buy the best heavy bag like century wavemaster xxl pro bag.

Century Wavemaster XXL

The xxl pro training bag known as the most popular freestanding heavy bag manufactured by Century MMA. The heavy-duty vinyl cover and high-density foam make this unit standard. It has a strong plastic base which can be filled with sand or water. There is foam filler which can evenly distribute the force of your kicking and punching. The XXL bag comes in 3 different colors (black, red and blue) which are quite different to other heavy bags (only come in black color) out on the market. You will find this Wavemaster XXL by Century as a great purchasing for boxing, martial arts, and cardio workouts as well.

Here in this Century wavemaster xxl review, we will discuss why the xxl becomes so highly regarded training bag among the fitness enthusiasts and champions. I hope after reviewing this article you will find this punching bag as the best bang for the buck. So please stay in touch and read the whole review to learn more about details.

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The Century Wavemaster XXL Review

Here are the most important things that you should before buying this century wavemaster xxl for your cardio workout, martial arts practice or boxing practice. Let’s see the key features of this product below:


The most important feature of this wavemaster punching bag is its durability. It is the must-have features that punching bag needs to stay durable. The great durability makes this bag perfect for absorbing all strikes. So it becomes the most popular punching bag for both experts and armatures to practice.

This is a free-standing heavy bag which uses filler foam for explosive strikes. It can evenly distribute the power of your punching after every strike. This way the duration of the Wavemaster XXL increases a lot. Also the leather of this unit known as the most durable equipment on authentic boxing forums.

However, it is best to consider a cover while you are using this bag at outside. Though it is made of durable leather, it can get old quickly with rain. Century offers a long-lasting warranty for this durable Wavemaster punching bag.

High-Quality Material for a different use

The Wavemaster XXL comes with a large punching surface out on the market. It is made with the high-quality vinyl material. This heavy-duty material gives it a sturdy exterior for kicking and punching without any damage. So it becomes the best-suited training equipment in training centers and martial arts studios.

At the same reason, it becomes the popular training bag to have in your home as well. It is a full-length heavy-duty bag which works great for both upper and lower body workout. Due to its great stability and durability, you can kick or punch this bag quickly for cardio work without any difficulty.

You can also move this century Wavemaster 2xl pro around a room easily. The Wavemaster XXL is the right choice for those who want to improve their footwork with a stationary purpose. You will find this unit as a great striking bag for kids as well.

The Features and Specifications of the Century Wavemaster xxl Training Bag

  • When the wavemaster xxl is filled and assembled, it weighs approximately 270 pounds.
  • A height of 69 inches and a diameter of 18 inches make this XXL one of the largest free-standing heavy bags out on the market.
  • The great stability of this wavemaster XXL makes it suitable for wide variety of uses. This is why you will find
  • XXL as a great product for both recreational users and serious fighters & martial arts experts.
  • This is the latest model of heavy-duty bag which is easy to fill compared to others out on the market.
  • It is made with extra large fill hole that can hold either water or sand.
  • It comes with the largest punching and kicking surface area out on the market.
  • The wavemaster xxl is best known for its ultra-stable weight distribution and low profile base.
  • The XXL is very easy to assemble. It does not need any extra tools for assembly.
  • The base of this xxl bag is made of hard plastic which is usually uncovered.
  • The dimension of this product 67 x 19 x 19 inches.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The century wavemaster xxl works as a great training bag for practicing kicks and punches. It is great for working on elbow and knee striking, all punches as well as low to high leg kicks. It is also best for practicing different striking and moves combinations.

Nevertheless, the size and stability of the XXL allow it to stay strong against power shots better than any other punching bags out on the market. It is the best choice for the serious fighter as well. Once you fill the base with water or sand, you can use it everywhere for training.

This product comes with lots of customer reviews on Amazon. The consumer has reviewed this wavemaster xxl for 382 times (until I checked it). It gains an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. Most of the reviews on Amazon were positive. But it also comes with some negative reviews (one or two) as well.

One of the users said, ” I found it too big for my husband. But it works great for punching and kicking.” This product is highly durable and stable for practicing kicks and punch. Many users say that they feel easy and comfort after kicking it as this bag moves around. If it does not move while you kick, you feel pressure on your hips.

Many users also commented that “there is nothing compared to this bag. I also used this 2xl pro at my kickboxing gym. But when my membership ran out I decided to buy this one for home. I feel very happy with this purchasing. It is amazing just what I expected. It gives me a great workout experience.I would like to thanks to the people who designed it.”

Some other users said, ” I ordered this bag once again and could not wait to get it. It is nice and I absolutely love this bag. I feel glad to buy it and would recommend it to everyone.”

These Century wavemaster xxl reviews make it easy for all to comment that this product is highly recommendable. I would not take time to suggest it if anyone asks me, “That is the heavy bag for fitness training.”

Is “century wavemaster xxl” good for all training types?

The wavemaster xxl is the latest version by Century. It is comparatively larger in size. Indeed, it is known as the largest punching bag out on the market. You will enjoy various types of striking practice throughout this training bag.

In addition, it comes with a quick rebound rate and it doesn’t swing much. So you can get high efficient cardio exercises. It would definitely improve your strength. It is also suitable for boxing training, kicking, and punching as well.

Is it works better than other punching bags?

Nowadays, century becomes one of the popular brands out on the market. Generally, the product made by century comes with good ratings among others. It is the best free standing punching bag out there for all training types. It really works better than other punching bags. Also, it is the great alternative to any other traditional heavy bag as well.

Bottom line on Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

So, as we see, the Century wavemaster xxl hasn’t got any points to disappoint us. It beats all the heavy bags for fitness training out on the market. It is only the product for those who want to kick or punch with a great force. Also, you will find it best for different training types including speed, strength, aerobic and explosive power.

Honestly, you would not find any punching bags like this wavemaster xxl by century. If you are interested to get the advantages of all training types, then buying this century wavemaster 2xl pro is right for you. I hope you enjoyed this Century Wavemaster XXL review guide.

Thank you for reading my article. If you feel any suggestions or relevant information that we need to add to this article, please let me know through your comment below.