Blue Emu Spray Review – Our Honest Guide For You

Blue Emu Spray

According to many recent statistics, one of the most common complaints of the older adults is the joint pain. Also, not just the old people but these days, the new adults and middle-aged people are also suffering from joint pain. The damaged joint tissues mainly cause the joint pain and the other symptoms of inflammation as well as stiffness. The pain is the result of trauma, stress, frictional damage, and aging.

Apparently, there are many joint supplements available in the market but do they give instant pain relief? Hence, topical analgesics are available widely for providing efficient and immediate assistance from the joint pain. Blue-Emu pain relief is an exclusive topical analgesic that comes in a combination of the ingredients which can give long lasting and quick pain relief.

In this Blue-Emu Spray Review, I’m trying to describe the benefits of the product for senior as well as adults.

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One of the most common complaints of the users of topical analgesics is the odor. Many say that they do not like the strong smell of the product. This sometimes becomes a huge problem if the person has Hyperosmia or heightened sense of smell.

The good news from Blue-Emu Spray Review is, you now have a pain relief spray that does not have any unusual odor or fragrance. So, the solution to your problem is here.

Blue-Emu super strength can give you relief from pain immediately and that too without delivering any odor. Just use the Blue Emu spray on the desired location and wait for a few seconds, you will find that there is no odor coming from the sprayed area.

Made with AEA certified Emu oil

The Emu oil is extracted from the adipose or fat tissue of the bird at the time of processing. It has a more extensive range of medical effects. From assisting the user to lose weight to cure a cough, this fat is an excellent component that can be incorporated into cream or spray to help the patients.

Emu oil has the popularity to give instant pain relief to sore muscles, aching joints or even treating arthritis and also helping in reducing the effects of the shin splint, gout, sciatica and the stretch marks; Emu oil can be used in healing the wounds faster. This is also used to give relief to the person suffering from burns from radiation therapy. Celluloid, varicose vans, keloids, scarring, bruises and other skin conditions can be healed with the help of emu oil.

This oil along with the certification of AEA has been used in this Blue Emu spray to give relief to the person suffering from joint pain.

No Messy Application

If you are a user of the pain-relief creams, then I must tell you to switch to the tropical analgesic spray because this gives you the benefit of aiming at the right place of pain and the application process is not messy. Just like the body sprays you can point the bottle to the place where you have pain and spray. The whole application is process is very simple and straightforward.

Blue-Emu pain relief is a continuous pain relief spray so you can spray at any angle. On the top of that, it will not leave any residue or greasiness. Even if you are going out on a trip or party, you can carry it with you as it does not create messiness or have any strong odor.

The Features and Specifications of the Blue Emu Spray

The Blue Emu pain relief spray is a topical analgesic that comes in the form of the spray. This product contains original emu oil which is a natural omega-rich fatty acid, and it comes from the emu bird. The emu oil of Blue Emu pain relief is a by-product that comes when the birds are processed for the meat.

This oil has been using for quite a long time for the people who are suffering from joint pain and arthritis. Here are the specifications and features which will tell you more about the Blue Emu pain relief spray.

  • The Blue Emu super strength comes in a spray bottle of 4 ounces. As this is just like any other spray bottle, you can directly spray it on the aching spot. You can reach your back, waist, knees, shoulder, etc. with this easy to use spray bottle without any problem.
  • The spray has no odor. So, if you are sensitive to the smell, then this is the right one for you. This tropical painkiller has been engineered in such a way that it does not produce any weird smell after spraying.
  • This product is made with AEA certified Emu oil. Like, it is already said, emu oil is best for pain relief. In many places, the emu oil is used to give comfort to the patient. Now, you are getting it in this spray bottle along with other active ingredients like Trolamine Salicylate. This unique formula will provide you with instant relief to minor aches and muscle pains.
  • Spray at the right place, and you will get relief from joints associated with sprains, strains, minor arthritis, backaches and bruises along with muscle pain. It sprays at the right angle, so it reaches the spot appropriately.
  • The best part of Blue Emu pain spray is, it does not leave any greasy or creamy residue after application. A lot of people do not like the oily or creamy texture of the joint pain cream. This is the best choice for them.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Blue Emu super strength works best by supplying fundamental building blocks for the joint pain relief. But, does it work in real life? We have already read the ingredients and features of this magical cream but let’s hear it from the actual users of this cream.

The Blue Emu pain relief spray has more than 350+ reviews on Amazon (till I write this review). The current customers have given this product 4.0 stars out of 5.0. Undoubtedly, this pain relief spray has earned an excellent review from the current users.

In this Blue-Emu Spray Review, I have seen the all the customers praising the product except two or three. Let’s hear what most of the people loved about the Blue Emu pain relief.

The customer, DGA (verified customer) said that the Blue Emu spray helps with arthritis pain and other aches. The spray works from any angle. He and his mother (who also has arthritis) are in love with this spray as it helps to reduce the soreness and muscle ache alone with the joint stiffness.

Another verified customer said, her mother is suffering from RSD which is known as CRPS2, and the pain is horrible. But, this spray gave her relief from the shooting pain. It was even helpful to apply. She called it a Godsend in their life.

Lastly, another verified purchased said, he has sciatica, and the Blue emu spray helps to take the edge off when he has a big flare up. He could travel and attend a meeting because of this pain relief spray.

Just I said there are negative reviews as well. So, let know what other people are thinking about this product. One of the customers complained that he prefers creamy texture more than the spray. But, he is in love with the Blue Emu tropic cream as he is not a fan of a spray tropical analgesic. Another customer said that he loved the product, but it would have been great if it had a travel size spray bottle.

Well, from the above two comments it can be said that both of the customers do not have any direct complaint about the product. It is just their personal preferences. Some might like a smaller bottle or creamy texture, but the spray worked on them. So, it is not directly a flaw of the Blue Emu super strength pain relief spray.

How to use Blue Emu Continuous Pain Relief Spray

Many questions come to the user at the time of buying Blue Emu pain relief spray. So, we tried our best to come up with the most common questions that are asked by the people at the time of buying the product.

1. Is the spray Blue Emu spray is as effective as the cream?

Answer: As in both of the products, same ingredients are used; I can say that you will not be disappointed with this spray.

2. I don’t feel any sensation at the time of using it. Is it working for me?

Answer: You will not feel any sensation at all because it is made in that way that it does not give any sensation.

3. Does it leave any stickiness after applied?

Answer: It does not have any creamy or oily texture, and it does not create any stickiness once used.

4. Does it work in extreme pain?

Answer: Well, a lot of the customers said that they got relief from extreme pain but according to the manufacturers, it gives comfort from mild pain and inflammation.

Bottom line on Blue Emu Spray

There are concerns that the Emu oil can result in bacterial infection when tropically applied but this happens when the oil is not purified in the right way. Before adding it to the Blue Emu spray, the emu oil goes through some steps to get the refined form. It this process the oil is handled with care so that the beneficial factor does not disappear.

You can apply the Blue emu pain relief spray two to three times in a day. Most of the ingredients are natural and do not have any significant side effect. However, do not forget to ask your doctor before using it because you never know what can cause allergies at any time.

Blue-Emu pain relief is a revolutionary product undoubtedly as it contains the building blocks such as MSM and glucosamine for the immediate joint repair. This two makes a great combination when applied together and helps in relieving the joint pain.

Unlike other tropical products, it does not just numb the affected place but also targets the cartilage tissue and the damaged joint. This not only relieves joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation but also supports the optimum joint health.