10 Best Slide Projectors of 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Do you wonder how things were back in the 1960s? Everything about the early 60s takes us back to the good old days. From the famous, Sony colored TV that lets you flick through channels by rotating the big dial at the bottom to iconic red telephones, from Polaroid cameras with a must-have photo album to slide projectors. The products which were necessities then are considered fancy now.

However, we all can relate to the obsession with collecting time capsules, can’t we? For example, collecting vintage products is an obsession that’s not affordable to many. Perhaps, not everything on the vintage list seems hard on the pocket.

Yes, we’re talking about the affordable, most admired product from back in the day, none other than the Slide Projector!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like seeing your slides projected on the big screen. Big screen? Yes, an actual folding screen that you set up in your living room in order to project images onto – be it home movies or slides. I can literally hear a bunch of youngsters cheering and praising!

In this article, we have selected a list of the best slide projectors found in the market and equipped you with the tips of buying a slide view that meets your needs. So without any further due, let’s take a look so that we can select the best one, only for you. What say!

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10 Best Slide Projectors – Review

1. LED Lighted Illuminated 35mm Slide Viewer

LED Lighted Illuminated 35mm Slide Viewer

Let’s see what we have chosen to be the first on our list! I think most of you have already seen it in several reviews flooding the websites. It’s none-other-than “LED Lighted Illuminated 35mm Slide Viewer.”

It is one of the best LED-lighted slide and film viewers made by Rybozen. It’s among those perfect devices that reproduce the old memories by lighting and magnifying 35mm film negatives and slides. The device is convenient for home use and the studio since it is easy to use and easily portable.

This illuminated 35mm slide viewer offers a 2X magnification. It also has sufficient and bright enough LED lighting that produces sharp images, making your memories seem like reality.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight – With this lightweight device, you might forget that you are even carrying it. Its lightweight and portability enable one to use it in the studio and at home too.
  • 2X magnification – Negatives and slides come in small sizes of only 35mm. Looking at images in that size does not offer good visuals. However, this device magnifies the images to double their actual size giving you an experience that is clear and fun.
  • LED lighting – Nothing beats good lighting as far as the quality and clarity of images are concerned. The makers of this device might have known that pretty well. Its incorporated sufficient LED lighting offers you the best quality pictures.
  • Easy to use – This device has quite simple mechanisms. You will find it easy to operate even without reading the manual. You can use the LED Lighted Illuminated 35mm Slide Viewer without any prior experience.

What we liked:

  • Good mix of capacities and unwavering quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • 2X magnification
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Quality images
  • It uses only 2 AA batteries

What we didn’t like:

  • Hard to open back, although you can use a sharp object to make it easy to open

2. Medalight 35mm Desk Top Portable

Medalight 35mm Desk Top Portable

This Medalight conventional 4″ Class (estimated askew) slide and filmstrip viewer can highlight 4 tru-color LEDs for splendid and bright slides or filmstrips. Its four LEDs provide better shading than some of the old glowing knobs.

This product still has a glass focal point giving a 3X amplification of the picture and a brisk discharge catch that enables the slides to stack in the gathering plate.

This product uses 4 AA batteries, which come included in your purchase. This item is best when placed on the table, so you don’t have to hold it when viewing slides.

It works somewhat uniquely in contrast to the littler hand-held ones. To operate, just hold the slide down with your finger.

This will turn on the light, and you can see the picture. This viewer has a catch to turn on the light and the slide is dropped into the space for survey mode. This leaves your hands free and makes it less demanding for a few people to utilize the viewer on the double.

This product is very easy to use and simply constructed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Glass Lens – Fits 2×2 mounted slides, 35mm film strips and negatives.
  • Portable – Perfect for using in Studio or at Home.
  • 3x Magnification Factor – Images on negatives and slides are usually too small to see. This device ensures that you see clear and good-sized images and get an exceptional experience with its 3X magnification.

What we liked:

  • Portable
  • It comes with a helpful launch catch and accumulation plate
  • No color cast
  • Even and bright lighting

What we didn’t like:

  • It does not take 2-inch slides

3. ZONOZ FS-3 22MP


The ZONOZ FS-3 22MP is the perfect device to scan and organize your old films or slides. This scanner houses an incredible image sensor that converts every detail and color contained in your films and slides. Within seconds, the image scanner will scan, convert, and at the same time save your old films and slides. You can now preserve your memories forever.

With this device, you can also increase your scanning quality to an amazing 22 megapixels. Also, you will be able to see the clarity and details on the 2.4″ color screen. Moreover, its easy-to-use built-in software is a plus!

What we liked:

  • Multi-Voltage Power Adapter
  • Portable film scanner
  • Up to 22 megapixels resolution
  • You can flip/mirror images to eliminate some simple loading errors
  • Can store images on a memory card or in internal memory

What we didn’t like:

  • Only supports up to 32-gigabyte memory cards
  • It seems to pick up and magnify any dust on the negatives

4. DIGITNOW! 135 Film Negative Scanner

DIGITNOW! 135 Film Negative Scanner

Your old days’ memories no longer need to be forgotten because technology has changed from developing images from negatives to taking digital pictures. The DIGITNOW 135 Film Negative Scanner gives your memories life, ensuring that you have an experience that lasts forever!

At the touch of a button, the image digitizer will scan and convert your old memories into sharp, vibrant digital images in JPEG format. These can then be viewed on your computer or on other devices, and you can print them out as regular photos. Isn’t it super great!

There’s also no need for a computer connection to operate the scanner. Once the scanning is complete, its built-in 2.4-inch color LCD screen will display your digitized image.

With this converter, you can convert your slides and films to JPEG in just three steps:

First, load your slides or negatives into the scanner, using the included negative or slide holder. Next, plug your converter with the included power adapter. Finally, you can start scanning your slides & negatives.

The device ensures that you fall in love with your memories by producing clear, bright, and magnified images. This machine is easy to use both at home and in the studio.

Features and Benefits:

  • Slide and film viewing – Technology has rendered some things useless, but this machine ensures that you can bring to life images taken using the old technology of film negatives.
  • Convenient – The device is a desktop viewer that is easy to move from one place to another. It also has a slide tray and an eject button, making it an easy-to-use device both in the studio and home.
  • LED illumination – DIGITNOW has sufficient LED light that produces crystal clear images while being friendly to the eye.

What we liked:

  • Clear images
  • Easy to use
  • Sufficient LED lighting
  • Comes with Slide Mounts Feeder
  • No Computer/Software is Required

What we didn’t like:

  • The “Adjustable Auto Slide Feeder” is said to be neither adjustable nor auto by some of the users.
  • Some users have claimed to face “card errors” several times.

5. Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer

Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer

The Pana-Vue 2 Illuminated Slide Viewer is a fair choice for clients searching for a fundamental and easy-to-utilize slide viewer to enable them to deal with slides rapidly and effectively. Most clients of the Pana-Vue 2 slide viewer like how it is anything but difficult to use and that it amplifies the slides in less than ideal conditions.

This product has 2X amplification, a collapsing stand, and a backdrop illumination, which benefits a variety of applications. While this product is not perfect, the Pana-Vue 2 fits a budget that doesn’t want to bother with top-of-the-line capacities in their viewer.

This viewer is ideal for arranging roughly 1,000 slides. The light and amplification settings can easily be adjusted when needed. With everything taken into account, the Pana-Vue 2 is most appropriate for the thrifty purchaser searching for fundamental usefulness.

What we liked:

  • Dependable activities
  • Easy to utilize

What we didn’t like:

  • Limited usefulness

6. Portable Video Projector Full HD

Portable Video Projector Full HD

The Pyle PRJG88 is a versatile digital multimedia projector with HD 1080p support. Its compact size and lightweight body offer you the ability to create a large screen display, up to 80″ inches, on any flat surface or wall; set it up just anywhere!

Connect it directly to your home theater system; it works with a compatible TV, laptop, gaming console, DVD player, or home computer.

Playback all of your favorite image, video, and audio media files directly by inserting a USB flash drive. It’s perfect for the home, office, or classroom. The Pyle PRJG88 allows you to enjoy versatile multimedia entertainment projection in a compact and portable style.

Features and Benefits:

  • USB Flash Drive Doubles as Device Charge Port
  • Picture Adjustment and Customization Options
  • Works with Mac & PC

What we liked:

  • Built-in Stereo Speaker
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Various Input Selection
  • Manual Focus Lens

What we didn’t like:

  • Requires a pretty dark environment for optimal viewing

7. Kaiser 202011 DIASCOP Mini 2X Slide Viewer

Kaiser 202011 DIASCOP Mini 2X Slide Viewer

Kaiser 202011 is a viewer that can come in handy when you are in dire need of viewing your old slides. It is a well-made device that does not require you to take any training before using it. Although the machine does not have an ON/OFF button, you only need to move the slide into a slit placed at the top.

This device allows you to view only one slide at a time, and you need to put the slides into the slots manually. However, it guarantees you a remarkable viewing experience with its 2X magnifying ability on a 2×2″ screen. 2 AA batteries power the machine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use – The device lacks a power ON and OFF button, but powering it up is still simple. All you have to do is place the slide in the slot and press it. The pressure will then activate the device to power on.
  • 2X magnification – Images on negatives and slides are usually too small to see. This device has a 2X magnification that ensures that you see clear and good-sized images that will make your experience exceptional.
  • Angled viewing – You don’t need to nurse neck pain after hours of looking through your memories. This device offers you adjustable angles to adjust the screen to get a more comfortable view without straining the neck or the eyes.
  • Durability – The product guarantees you excellent service for ages, so you do not need to worry about budgeting for another image viewer any time soon. Well. Unless you just want to try out a variety.

What we liked:

  • Durability
  • Angled viewing
  • Easy to use
  • Powers with 2 AA batteries

What we didn’t like:

  • Only allows loading one slide at a time

8. Medalight 35mm Film Slide and Negative Viewer

Medalight 35mm Film Slide and Negative Viewer

Have you found your best fit yet? If not, then check out the next one.

The DLC Medalight 35mm Film Slide and Negative Viewer fits 35mm film strips, 2 x 2″ slides, and features a glass lens capable of 3x magnification so that you can see your pictures in sharp detail.

Its daylight-balanced LED lights do not cause the strong color cast that incandescent bulbs do, providing bright and even illumination; makes it well-suited for viewing photographs.

A small button on the side is used to eject the slides and allows them to stack on the collection tray so that you can take them all together once you are done viewing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Features quick eject button that allows the slides to stack in the collection tray
  • Built-in glass lens with a large screen provides a 3X magnification of the image
  • 3x magnification and LED lighting for clear viewing of your pictures
  • 4 LEDs offer bright and even illumination of slides or filmstrips

What we liked:

  • LED Light Source
  • 2 x 2″ Slides or 35mm Filmstrips display
  • 3X magnification
  • All Glass Viewing Lens

What we didn’t like:

  • The slides may jam in the viewer slot

9. KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Our next slide show projector is a big surprise. Trust me when I say that the quality of the pictures has baffled me. This mini slide show projector is able to scan pictures with considerably amazing quality. Get your pictures done from a professional photographer or from the Kodak mini; you will not find any difference.

A professional photographer will cost you around 300 dollars for many negatives, while the Kodak mini will cost you an average price, which can be utilized every now and again. Another point to note is that negatives as old as 20 years old can be easily enlarged and worked on with great quality and sharp colors.

For such an affordable price, you should grab yours as fast as you can before it goes out of stock. We definitely recommend it as worth purchasing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports 35, 126, 110mm, and super eight film negatives slide.
  • 14MP image sensor and interpolation enhance the picture quality up to 22MP.
  • Automatic and manual exposure control.
  • NTSC/PAL TV-out port lets you connect your projector to a TV for an ideal slide show.
  • Supports SD card up to 32GB for saving your favorite photos without worrying about the device’s storage capacity.

What we liked:

  • Multiple adapters for fast loading
  • Updated user interface
  • Easy Home Scanning
  • One-Touch Navigation
  • Effortless Image Enhancement

What we didn’t like:

  • Its compact size gives it a little plastic, less durable appearance
  • The lens needs frequent cleaning. Otherwise, the resulting digital pictures may have fuzzies and hairs on them

10. Rybozen 35mm Slide Viewer

Rybozen 35mm Slide Viewer

The Rybozen 35mm Film and Slide Viewer is our last but not the least one. This is one of the best machines able to view up to a maximum of 36 slides and picture negatives. This can be the best choice for those hoping to deal with many slides efficiently and effectively.

For most clients, the 3X amplification and 2×2″ square review screen took into consideration simple viewing that showed all the details of the slides. Rybozen 35mm has enough magnification features and enough lighting to unmistakably perceive all the slides’ details.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sufficiently bright backlight lightbox – This film and slide viewer also boasts a large viewing surface and an LED illumination that offers crystal clear images.
  • 3X magnifying capacity – Most films and slides come in super small sizes, but the inbuilt magnifier installed in this device magnifies the mages three times their actual size. The enlarged images are clear and they are not distorted or blurred. The pictures will show all the details.
  • Easily portable – The device is easy to carry around and has a foldable stand that makes it ideal for use both in the studio and at home.
  • Works with negatives – Most of our old but golden memories are recorded in negatives, a technology that was the only option of storing memories some years back. Those pictures can now come back to life using this device since it can work amazingly with negatives.

What we liked:

  • Good mix of capacities and unwavering quality
  • Easily portable
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Compatible with 35mm slides

What we didn’t like:

  • Insufficient light-switching options

Slide Projector Buying Guide:

The best slide projector is hard to find, but not impossible. When we talk about slide projectors, multiple factors draw our attention: the dimension of the projector, portability ratio, resolution, sharpness, durability, light source, etc. Multiple factors contribute to the decision to purchase a slide projector.

Dimension: is essential to consider since the dimension is directly proportional to the portability ratio. The more compact the projector, the easier it is to handle it. You can even throw a party outdoors and carry the projector with you.

Resolution and sharpness: is another factor that requires your utmost attention and consideration, more than the portability ratio. What good does a projector have to offer if it’s compact but doesn’t have a crisp resolution? It’s a big no-no. Resolution is all you need to relive your memories in 3D.

Durability: If a projector is compact and has a super crisp resolution, yet it’s made up of cheap lightweight material, what good can it do to you? It won’t last a single fall, and off your money goes into thin air.

Durability tells you the product’s life and how long it will serve you. Always look for a good long-term warranty before buying a projector.

The light source is another important factor. It explains how bright your image will be, followed by the distance the light can cover.

Back in the day, projectors used to have a lamp of some sort as a light source. In modern projectors, lamps are replaced with LEDs or laser or a hybrid combination of both.

UHO lamps are inexpensive and can be used in small projectors. The average life is about 2000/3000 hours.

Xenon lamps are preferred over the UHP for professional use. It is an expensive option with an average life of 1000/2000 hours.

LEDs give great quality for an inexpensive rate and a much-extended lifespan of 10,000 hours. Hybrid LED-Laser projectors are bright and crisp best used where brightness and long-life span are needed.


Many adults over 40 years of age are likely to recall their families owning picture slides. This was an everyday occurrence in many households to turn all of their pictures into slides. They were then viewed together with the family or were used to present their pictures of a wonderful holiday to relatives and friends.

Slide projectors are devices designed to visualize such slides. These days, the best slide projectors have majorly allowed digital images to be shown on a television or a computer screen.

Nevertheless, many households with very old slides would prefer to either carry on to view them or even transform them into digital photos.

Fortunately, slide projectors are still around today, available as both conventional optical viewers as well as digital versions that can transform your old slides into digital files.

Whatever model you choose, they ensure that your old slides keep living on, preserving the memories you’ve captured in the past. However, you mustn’t buy any slide viewer that you come across.

Consider your needs and preferences and buy a device that will satisfy those. Here, we have looked at the best slide viewers in the market and hinted at the best way to aid you in making that perfect purchase. Consider the reviews, trust your instincts and enjoy your nostalgic slide viewing.