10 Best Mountain Bike Hydration Pack 2021 – Reviews and Top Picks

Before going on a mountain bike ride, we need the best mountain bike hydration pack to take with us. As there are a significant number of excellent or average types of hydration packs available in the stores, today we are going to help you find out the best ones from them.

Before we go deep into reviewing bike hydration packs, below we have given a small introduction to them. Hydration packs are backpacks that hold a water reservoir for keeping the riders hydrated. There is usually a hose or thin pipe connected to the container of water or the bladder.

This hose is for easy accessibility to water. When we are planning a bike ride, especially on mountains, the first thing we need to keep in mind is total hydration.

Bike riding takes a lot of physical energy and makes you tired quickly. You are going to need a lot of water to keep you from dehydration the whole time. For this reason, you need a good mountain bike hydration pack.

While most of the hydration packs have almost similar properties and format, there are differences among all of them too in one or many aspects.

The best hydration packs for mountain biking must have extra features and more improved quality than the others.

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2021’s Reviews Of The Best Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

Several companies have introduced their hydration packs to the markets. Out of numerous backpacks, we have selected ten best ones. These ten have impressed customers and us and managed to be on the list of best hydration backpacks for mountain biking.

1. CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack

CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack

This one is from one of the most popular companies for cycling, biking, running, skiing accessories, Camelbak. The Rogue hydration pack from this company is one of the best hydration pack for mountain biking. Let’s get to know the details about this item.

Product Features:

  • The product’s dimension is 15.7 x 8.9 x 6.3 inches.
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces.
  • The back panel is mesh padded.
  • Hydration capacity: 2.5 liter.
  • Available in 4 color combinations: Black, and Graphite, Carve Blue, and Black, Lime Punch, and Silver, Racing Red, and Silver.
  • Four exterior pockets for storage.
  • There are reflective accents for low-light visibility.
  • The reservoir comprises a leak-proof Cap and valves.
  • Tubes have an anti-microbial coating.


  • Unisex;
  • Fine capacity;
  • Extra storage;
  • Leak-proof valves and cap;
  • Lightweight;
  • Bacteria and mold-proof
  • 100% BPA, BPS, BPF free;
  • Waterproof;


  • Item doesn’t have a waist belt;

Customer Reviews:

This item is liked and admired by a lot of people. At the time of writing this review, it had an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Jason Stuart, who is a verified customer and a regular rider, says that this backpack is great for storing additional things. He says it is comfortable and does very well as a hydration pack.

Another customer, Reese says this item is just perfect. He says this one is a worth-buying item. Reese further states that the water capacity is just right for him. He added that he has been using this backpack for over a month and so far he faced no trouble with it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is this pack waterproof?
Answer: Yes. While testing this item, we found out that it comprises of waterproof materials.
Question: Does this item have magnetic tube tape?
Answer: No. It has plastic clips. They work just fine.

Final Verdict:

This item has all the features a good hydration pack should have. It is a useful pack for mountain biking. Alongside having adequate hydration capacity, this item is ideal for mtb riders as well as cyclers, skiers, etc.

2. CamelBak 2016 FlashFlo LR Hydration Waistpack

CamelBak 2016 FlashFlo LR Hydration Waistpack

This one is not a regular backpack for hydration; instead, it’s a waist pack. It delivers 20% more water per sip while carrying sufficient amount of water. The features of this best hydration pack mountain biking are given below.

Product Features:

  • The product’s dimension is 6.7 x 12.6 x 6.7 inches.
  • It weighs 9 ounces.
  • Water capacity: 1.5 liters.
  • Back panel and waist belt made of padded mesh.
  • It has two external pockets for extra storage.
  • It has a belt buckle for custom fit.
  • It is available in four colors: Black, Deep Amethyst, Lime punch and Oceanside.
  • It has a center cinch fit system.


  • Unisex;
  • Lightweight;
  • Comfortable back panel;
  • Extra storage pockets;
  • 100% BPA, BPS, BPF free;
  • Leak-proof valve and cap;


  • Hydration capacity is not adequate for long rides;
  • Bouncy;

Customer Reviews:

The Camelbak FlashFlo Hydration Waistpack has gained a wide range of popularity among runners, bikers, etc. It has got plenty of positive customer reviews which prove its excellence.

Matilda, a verified customer, says she loves this item for long runs and morning walks. She also says that this item is perfect for short bike trips.

Noreen Johnson, another customer, says that her son loves this product. She says, her son uses it several times a week, and this item is an outstanding one. She thanked the company for making such a product.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: My waist is 33 inches. Will this pack fit my size?
Answer: Yes it will. It fits waists ranging from 30 to 50 inches. It has an adjustable fitting system.
Question: Does this waist pack come with a bladder?
Answer: Yes. All the Camelbak hydration packs come with a bladder.

Final Verdict:

Though the description says this product is ideal for running, walking and hiking, it does great for bike riding too. People with back pain will find it very useful for its stable lumbar hydration.

3. Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack

Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack

The Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack is well known for its high capacity of water. It is a long-durable and sturdy backpack. It serves well as a pack for hydration. It has more amazing features that we have listed below as best hydration pack mtb.

Product Features:

  • The product’s dimension is 18.5 x 9.4 x 8.7 inches.
  • It weighs 30.72 ounces.
  • Material: 210D HexLite, Micro-rip nylon.
  • Its hydration capacity is 3 liters.
  • It has mesh straps.
  • It has a three-sided ventilation system.
  • The volume of this bag is stretchable up to 17 liters.
  • It comes in three color combinations: black, and white; ocean, and white; green, and anthracite.
  • It has a chest strap.
  • It has helmet storage pocket.
  • It has two side mesh pockets, stretch compartment for wet clothes, organizer pockets for tools, etc.
  • It comes with a rain cover.


  • Durable;
  • Unisex;
  • A lot of space;
  • High water capacity;
  • Expandable volume;
  • Well ventilated;


  • It doesn’t have any waist belt.;
  • It weighs heavy;

Customer Reviews:

This item has got an average of 4.3 stars out of 5. Customers have reviewed this product much and admired it.

Mrs. Pattinson says that this bag is an excellent purchase for women. She says that being a tall woman, she hardly finds backpacks comfortable. But she says that this particular item fits her back perfectly, and she loves it.

William says this one is the perfect backpack for running and mountain biking. He says it has a lot of extra storage spaces and he packs his laptop also in this backpack. He also mentioned that the rain cover is a convenient thing.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Does this backpack come with a reservoir and water tubes?
Answer: yes, of course. This hydration pack contains a bladder and water tube.
Question: Is the bladder taste-free?
Answer: Yes, the bladder of this backpack is hygienic and taste-free.

Final Verdict:

This backpack is one of the sturdiest and most large hydration packs. It is an item worth spending money.

4. Camelbak Products Octane 22 LR Hydration Backpack

Camelbak Products Octane 22 LR Hydration Backpack

This one is another outstanding item from Camelbak. It is bigger and has got plenty of spaces. It is splendid as a hydration backpack for mountain riding.

Product Features:

  • The item’s dimension is 9.5 x 29.5 x 20 inches;
  • The pack weighs 2.5 pounds.
  • It has a built-in Quicklink system.
  • Water containing capacity: 3 liters.
  • It has an ultra-light weather protection layer.
  • It has two cargo side pockets and space for adding extra layers.
  • It has a waist belt and chest straps.


  • High capacity of hydration;
  • Spacious;
  • Weather-resistant;
  • Durable;
  • Unisex;


  • It’s a bit heavyweight;

Customer Reviews:

This item has gained popularity for its stability and storage spaces.

Brant, a verified purchaser, says that this item works just great for him. He says he likes the position of the bladder. He further states that this item is suitable for hiking and biking even on rough trails.

Marie Blunt says this has been working terrifically for her. She says she has been using this pack for over three months and it is still very well-functioning.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I carry my laptop in this backpack?
Answer: Though it’s designed as a hydration backpack, you can try fitting your laptop in it. The pack is very spacious. Still, you might stick to carrying a notebook or a tablet pc.
Question: Can I replace the bladder?
Answer: Yes, the bladder is replaceable.

Final Verdict:

This one is a fantastic item. It will surely impress any bike rider. It is no doubt a perfect mtb hydration pack.

5. DAKINE Nomad Hydration Pack

DAKINE Nomad Hydration Pack

Dakine Nomad Hydration Pack is an impressive hydration bag comprising a 3-liter water reservoir. It is designed for mountain biking and, therefore, it serves an mtb rider with all its excellence. The features of this item have been given below.

Product Features:

  • This item’s dimension is 18.5 x 9.1 x 7.1 inches.
  • It weighs 35 ounces.
  • It has a decent water capacity of 3 liters.
  • It has a removable waist belt.
  • Product volume: 1100 cubic inches.
  • It has helmet storage, organizer pockets and, a sunglass pocket.


  • Water capacity is high;
  • A lot of storage spaces;
  • Water-proof;
  • Unisex;


  • The backpack is heavyweight;

Customer Reviews:

This item has enough space as well as 3 liters of water capacity. It has achieved good customer ratings because of these features.

John, a regular biker, says that he loves this nomad pack. He says this backpack has plenty of spaces where he can carry his keys, tool pack, first-aid kit, wallet, etc. He says the bag has waterproof pockets for carrying a cell phone too.

Julio Hank says this backpack is very durable. He says that he has been using this bag for three years and it still hasn’t got faded.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: The description says this item’s total volume is 1100 cubic inches. 1100 cubic inches means 18 Liters. Can the bladder contain 18 liters of water?
Answer: No. The capacity of the bladder is 3 liters. The volume you mentioned is of the bag, not the bladder.
Question: Does this item contain a reservoir?
Answer: Yes. It’s not in the description, but this item carries a reservoir.

Final Verdict:

Though this backpack is a little heavy for biking, it has so far performed excellently as an mtb backpack. It is undoubtedly a great backpack.

6. Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack 900D

Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack 900D

This one is from the brand Unigear. It is another high-quality hydration pack. Let’s check out its features and specifications!

Product Features:

  • The product’s dimension is 18.9 x 1.4 x 9.8 inches.
  • It weighs 16 ounces.
  • Water capacity: 2.5 liters.
  • Material: polyester.
  • It has air mesh shoulder straps and back panel for ventilation.
  • It has mesh pockets for tools and more storage space on the upper side of the bag.
  • It has an adjustable chest strap.


  • Much space for storage;
  • Good water capacity;
  • Well-ventilation ensured;
  • BPA free;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Unisex;


  • The water tube is not leak-proof;

Customer Reviews:

The features of this item say much more about the quality of the product. It had got an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 at the time of my writing this review.

Alex Gariepy says that this item is very comfortable, lightweight and durable. He says it’s perfect for hiking, biking, and traveling. He also mentioned that the straps go easy on the shoulders and do not let him feel any pressure.

Megan, a verified customer, says that this backpack has been great for her mountain riding. She says she also uses it as a travel bag.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the tube taste-free?
Answer: Yes, the water tube is taste-free and safe.
Question: Is this backpack water-resistant? Have anyone tested it?
Answer: We tested it. It is water-resistant.

Final Verdict:

This one is a good item. It has got plenty of storage space and also an adequate water capacity. It is a first-rate hydration pack.

7. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

This TETON Sports Oasis backpack is not only a brilliant hydration pack but also suitable for running, skiing, cycling, hiking, hunting, climbing, etc. This item has got superb features. Let’s take a look at them.

Product Features:

  • The product’s dimension is 18.5 x 7 x 10 inches.
  • It weighs 18 ounces.
  • Hydration capacity: 2 liters.
  • The item is available in 5 colors: Black, Bright Blue, Bright Green, Green, and, Orange.
  • It has foam and mesh-padded straps.
  • The product’s volume is 18 liters. It has got plenty of space.
  • It has adjustable chest and waist belt.
  • It has two side mesh pockets and three large storage pockets.
  • It contains a rain cover.


  • Large;
  • Comfortable;
  • Unisex;
  • Bigger bladder cap for easy cleaning and inserting ice cubes;
  • Multi-use;


  • It’s not water-resistant;

Customer Reviews:

This item has stood-out to achieve an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Customers have praised this item a lot.

Adrian Ortiz, a verified purchaser, says that he finally has found his hydration pack. He says that he has never been as satisfied with a backpack as with this one. He also says that it is perfect for a whole day bike ride.

Jessica Morales says this pack meets her expectations. She says she will recommend this backpack to anyone. She also added that it is a durable item as she has been using it for two years.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I use it as a travel bag?
Answer: Yes, you can. This bag has enough storage spaces.
Question: Is the bladder replaceable?
Answer: The bladder is replaceable.

Final Verdict:

This item is one of the most outstanding backpacks for hydration. Other than providing hydration, it works well as a multi-purpose backpack. It’s a good backpack that meets your expectations.

8. No.1 Hydration Pack Backpack with 2L Water Bladder

No.1 Hydration Pack Backpack with 2L Water Bladder

This one is, maybe the highest water-capacitive hydration pack. This Camel Pack from FREEMOVE is a top-notch item. It has got astounding features and specifications. Let’s check them out below!

Product Features:

  • The product’s dimension is 20.5 x 8.7 x 3.2 inches.
  • The pack weighs 20 ounces.
  • Water capacity: 6 liters.
  • It has padded shoulder straps, adjustable chest, and waist belts.
  • It has multiple compartments to store your stuff.
  • The pack contains a 2-liter water bladder.
  • The water reservoir has a quick release tube.
  • The backpack includes a cooler-pack.
  • It has a safety whistle.


  • Leak-proof;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Comfortable;
  • Lots of space;
  • High capacity of water;
  • Sufficient air-flow ensured;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Cooler pack;
  • unisex;


  • The tube is not wholly leak-proof;

Customer Reviews:

This item has a lot of positive customer reviews. It has got 4.5 stars out of 5 based on customer rating.

Joey Bisiada says buying this camel pack was a right decision. He says that the cooler-pack kept the water cool for 2 to 3 hours. He also says that the bag is very comfortable.

Nick Jones says that this backpack has a lot of space for keeping things. He says he loves the quality of the bag. Nick also says that he recommended this pack to his friend. He further said that his friend also praised this backpack.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: The description says, water capacity is 6 liters. So, does this item provide a 6-liter bladder too?
Answer: No. It comes with a 2-liter bladder. If you want to carry 6 liters of water, you can buy a 6-liter bladder and insert it into the bag.
Question: Is this bag waterproof?
Answer: Yes. The material of the bag is water-resistant.

Final Verdict:

Along with being bike riding pack, this FREEMOVE Camel Hydration Pack also works amazingly as hiking, cycling, motorcycling, and, climbing hydration pack. It might be the perfect pack that meets your needs.

9. TETON Sports Trailrunner 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

TETON Sports Trailrunner 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

This one is another splendid hydration pack from TETON Sports. It is also a multi-purpose backpack. With its 2-liter water capacity, you don’t have to worry about hydration the whole day.

Product Features:

The product’s dimension is 16 x 10 x 2 inches.
The backpack weighs 14.4 ounces.
Water capacity: 2 liters.
The product is available in 5 colors: Black, Blue, Bright Green, Orange, and, Red.
The water bladder is BPA-free.
It contains a safety whistles.
It has mesh-covered straps and adjustable waist belts.
It has a small net compartment for storing keys, wallet, etc.


  • BPA-free;
  • Safety ensured;
  • Comfortable;
  • Lightweight;
  • Leak-proof;


  • A little storage space;

Customer Reviews:

I found a total of 1205 customer reviews at the time of writing this buying guide. This item has had a lot of good reviews.

Joe bath says that he uses this pack on a daily basis. He says he goes on running and biking and this pack has been a helpful friend to him. He also says that it is very lightweight and he doesn’t feel any pressure on his shoulders while carrying the bag.

Darrien says that the backpack is very light and comfortable. He also says that it has a little space for stuff, but it is a great hydration pack.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Does the bladder keep water cool?
Answer: It keeps the water at its temperature. You can insert ice cubes inside the bladder through the cap if you want to have colder water.
Question: Does this backpack fit a teenager?
Answer: It is a medium to tall-person backpack. It might fit.

Final Verdict:

This backpack is a good one designed for not only biking but also running, traveling, cycling, etc. it is a perfect pack for someone who is looking for a hydration pack and doesn’t require a lot of storage spaces.

10. Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

The last on our list, but an excellent hydration pack it is. It has all the features a useful hydration backpack should have. It has got quality material as well as superior performance. Let’s take a look at the features of this item.

Product Features:

  • The product’s dimension is 20 x 9 x 9 inches.
  • It weighs 30.4 ounces.
  • Hydration capacity: 3 liter.
  • It is available in 3 colors: Red Pepper, Black, and Persian Blue.
  • It has a Lid-Lock helmet attachment.
  • It has three interior slip pockets and five exterior pockets.
  • It contains a removable tool pouch.
  • It has mesh-covered back panel and straps.
  • It features a blinker light attachment for safety at night time.


  • High water capacity;
  • Helmet attachment;
  • Blinker light;
  • Storage space;
  • Tool Pouch;


  • The water-tube is not leak-proof;

Customer Reviews:

Happy Madison says that this pack is a well-built hydration pack. She says it has got a lot of pockets and storage spaces. She also says that the material of the bag is high-quality.

Joanne Robbie says this backpack is very comfortable. She says she gets sufficient air flow to her back while carrying this bag. She also says that is works great as a cycling backpack too.

This Raptor 14 from Osprey has got a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 so far.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is this bag waterproof?
Answer: The material of this backpack is water-resistant, so yes, it is waterproof.
Question: Does this item contain a cleaning kit?
Answer: No, you have to buy the cleaning kit separately.

Final Verdict:

The Raptor 14 Hydration Pack is an impressive item. It is suitable for mountain bike riding and other purposes. It is undoubtedly one of the best mountain bike hydration packs.

Shopping Guide

Buying the best product of all available products in the market needs the buyer to be well informed about that particular thing. When you go to the hydration pack stores, you’ll find a lot of products from a lot of brands and companies. To get the most excellent product among them, you need to keep specific things in mind. A buying guide helps you to know those things and enlightens you with the facts about the product. So, take a little time and read this whole buying guide to get the best out of thousands of products. It will save your time and a lot of researching. Also, it will take you to the best hydration backpacks!

What To Look For When Buying

Specific features should be present in an mtb hydration pack. As every hydration pack is not equipped with all the top-notch features, you have to look for them. You need to seek some factors which make a hydration pack the best. So, here are the things you must check out while buying a hydration pack.

Size and capacity

The first thing we expect from an Mtb pack is that it can carry sufficient water as per our need. Most reservoirs or bladders of the mtb packs contain 1.5 to 3 liters of water. Consider how much water you need for going on a mountain ride and then choose a backpack that can hold that much water.

If you are off to a long day ride, you might want the one which carries 3 liters of water. People also buy packs which can hold more water than their need so that they can be useful for occasional long rides.

Storage space

A hydration pack will only contain water for us; this is not the scenario anymore. Today people want backpacks that can carry water as well as hold some other stuff of the rider. The beginner backpacks used to have a water reservoir and store the keys only. But now the mtb packs have extra storage space for the rider’s tools, keys, phone, wallet, travel essentials, even the helmet! Most of today’s hydration packs come with extra storage space for all this stuff. Though this makes the backpacks heavy, it’s not bad to have some extra room to carry your things.

Style of reservoir

The reservoir of different hydration packs tends to be different from each other. They are different in shape, softness and other features. Some bladders are soft while some are rigid. The soft ones tend to slump inside the pack. Holding them in a specific position is hard. The rigid ones, on the other hand, retain their shape and position. The bladders also have distinct closing and filling systems. You just have to choose the one which suits your purposes.


The riders have to carry the mountain bike backpacks till the ride is over. So, it’s vital to check out the heaviness of the backpack. Most hydration packs are lightweight. But when you fill them and carry extra things in the storage spaces, this perceptibly makes the bag heavy. This may create a lot of pressure on your shoulders while riding. So, choose your backpack wisely.


The hydration pack should be water-resistant. Otherwise, a sudden rain can get all our stuff in that backpack drenched. So, buy a backpack that is waterproof.


A perfect fitness of the bag to your shoulder is necessary. Every backpack has shoulder straps. Some have a chest strap and a hip belt. These belts make sure that the pack doesn’t bounce while you are riding the bike.

There is another type of hydration pack which doesn’t have shoulder straps. Instead, they have only hip belts and, you have to tie them around your lower back. These types of packs are easily accessible and also very useful for people with back pain.

Back Panel

The finest hydration backpacks have a comfortable back panel. The mesh back panels are cozier than the other types such as fabric back panels. Try to find a product that helps maximum airflow to reach your back. Ventilation is a compulsory factor so you should choose backpacks with full support back panel.

Reasons To Trust Us

We have chosen and observed each product keeping in mind about the user. We have made the list of top 10 products according to their performance and excellence. We went through the details of a bunch of hydration backpacks in popular websites. We talked to regular and occasional mountain bike riders and took their opinion. We researched a lot and checked the customer reviews of each item. After thorough research and observation, we were able to make a list of 1o best mountain bike hydration packs.

Why You Should Get This

For a mountain rider, the necessity of a hydration pack is indescribable. Bike riding makes you sweat a lot and dehydration can hit you anytime. To keep yourself hydrated, you need to take sufficient water with you. A good hydration pack is all you need to keep this trouble away. So, you shouldn’t make any further delay in buying a hydration pack. As far as the need of best mtb hydration pack is concerned, we have tried our best to help you with that. We made a list of the best products we have come across and imparted it here. So, you really should buy your hydration backpack in no time.

How We Tested

The ten products that we are reviewing here are not the only ones we checked. We researched about a lot of hydration packs and then singled out the 10 best ones of them. We looked for customer reviews on these packs. We talked to mtb riders who use these packs and took their opinion. We looked out for good storage space, better water capacity, well ventilation, and, perfect fitness. We made sure the product is an outstanding one.

Care And Maintenance

Like every other product, backpacks for hydration also need to be taken care of. There is no hard and fast rule about their maintenance. Still, there are some things you need to follow strictly. They are given below:

Don’t use your hydration pack for drinking sugary sports-drink or whiskey. The leftovers can lead to mold or pungent smell. You can buy a separate bladder for that purpose.

Ever time you’re back from a bike ride, wash and clean the reservoir. You can disassemble the parts of the bladder and soak them in a dishwasher or warm water and leave them for 30 minutes. Then clean them up scrubbing with a scrubber pad or a brush. Air-dry them before storing.

Rinse the bladder off with hot water and lemon if you want to avoid dishwasher or any other chemical based cleaning agent.

Do not make any delay in cleaning the pack when you’re back home. Molds and bacteria can start forming lives there.

Final Verdict

We’ve reviewed 10 best mountain bike hydration packs here. We all know there are more than a thousand hydration packs available in the stores. You should always try to follow a buying guide to avoid confusion and trouble while buying an item. This piece of ours is also done for that purpose. You’ll surely find the best hydration pack for yourself if you follow our instructions.

The items we reviewed here are the ones that have impressed a wide range of customers. So, you can pick any hydration pack from the list without any hesitation and worry about getting the wrong product. Buy your hydration pack wisely. I wish your mountain biking go smooth.