10 Best 3D Printers for Cookie Cutters in 2021

The future is finally here! Before you knock this as yet another unnecessary gizmo in the age of technological clutter, hear me out. Gone are the days where you could get away with a regular star-shaped cookie. It’s not fun anymore. With the best 3D printer for cookie cutters in your hand, you could be making these adorable Baby Yoda-shaped cookies for your kids!

Also, it’s no fun if such an appliance takes the entire day to heat up. Not when Mrs. Martha from next door has a cookie cutter with USB settings, smartphone compatibility, and even an LCD screen. You can be forgiven for being just a smidge jealous.

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a first-rate 3D printer cookie cutter. We bet something like the Comgrow Ender 3, or the Mars 2 3D Printer from Elegoo will open your eyes (and heart) to this wonderful new world.

If you want to get your hands on a 3D printer like that, read on!

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10 Best 3D Printers for Cookie Cutters

So, you’re probably curious to know about my picks on 3D printers designed specifically for making cookie cutters, right? Well, you’re about to find out about some awesome options out there. Good luck!

1. Comgrow Ender 3

Comgrow Ender 3

Let me show you my first pick that’ll let you create some outstanding professional cookie designs – the Comgrow Ender 3. From overall construction to the upgraded design, it stands head and shoulders above the rest!

First off, it requires just around 5 minutes or so to heat up the hotbed to about 110-degree Celsius. Designed with a high-watt hotbed along with a branded power supply, it makes sure the quick heating lets you complete your job within no time.

There is no need to be worried even if you have no specific power supply; the champion right has a “resume printing” function, enabling users to keep printing after a power outage.

And guess what? The upgraded extruder design minimizes the possibility of clogging and lousy extrusion.

The thing that makes me amazed is its sturdy build quality. Along with the V-shape design, the POM wheels make it pretty much durable and run with zero noise.

Don’t worry about the installation process. It won’t take more than two hours to assemble completely. With numerous assembled parts, you’re getting twenty pieces of nuts too.

Since the 3D printer is pretty much safer for kids, it might be a nice gift for your little one. So, let them get familiar with the basic construction of this particular printer!


  • Takes only 5 minutes to heat the hotbed
  • Reduces the risk of lousy extrusion and clogging
  • Noiseless and durable construction
  • Comes in a semi-assembled design to make it kid-friendly
  • Enables users to continue printing even after a power outage


  • Seems a bit pricey!

2. MARS 2 3D Printer from ELEGOO

MARS 2 3D Printer from ELEGOO

If you ask me about which printer deserves a gold medal for precision and functionality, I’d say it’s the MARS 2 3D Printer from ELEGOO. It’s simply one of the best 3D printers for cookie cutters. Not just that, it also performs other printing jobs quite well. Let me show you all the unique features it has.

Compared to typical 3D printers, this one is 2x faster and comes in a 4x longer lifespan. It includes a 6.8 inches LCD monochrome, which equips a 2K resolution (HD) for stable performance and maximum printing efficiency.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re from France, Germany, Korea, or even Russia; this particular machine is capable of supporting over 11 different languages to make it more convenient.

Here, you’re going to get a specific plastic tank (green) that you can replace when needed. Talking about construction, MARS 2 includes aluminum (CNC machined) as a primary material. It’s more durable and of better quality than most 3D printers out there.

With CHITUBOX slicing software, the 3D printer gets UV lights (40W) to let you get professional and fine cookie cutters. The 2560 x 1440 resolution of this product is another plus point, ensuring detailed and accurate prints.

What’s more? The 8x anti-aliasing ensures a smoother printing surface. And yes, it comes with USB compatibility for your convenience!


  • 2x faster and comes in a longer lifespan
  • Able to support over 11 different languages
  • 2K resolution (HD) with LCD monochrome (6.8-inch)
  • Manufactured with CNC machined aluminum for durability
  • Great for cookie cutters and other printing tasks


  • Requires extra care and maintenance!

3. FlashForge 700355100638

FlashForge 700355100638

Here, I’m presenting an ultra-modern 3D printer from FlashForge designed to take your “cookie cutting skill” to a whole new level. The latest technology and an attractive outlook make it stand out from the rest.

This printer is compatible with a phone or PC by wireless connection (Wi-Fi). You can also make a connection through a flash drive and USB, thankfully.

Let me show you a unique feature: the “slide-in plate” makes it a piece of cake when we talk about taking printing objects out very quickly. Consequently, you won’t have to keep your hands inside the printer to pull something out.

To ensure quick navigation, you’re getting a 3.5-inch color display (touchscreen) situated on the top of this device. It lets you communicate with the printer easily.

Despite being plastic alloy construction, it ensures optimal longevity and durability. So, I’m pretty sure that you can use this machine for a longer period to produce cookie cutters and other printing objects.

With a non-heated plate, it’s safe to use, and, most interestingly, it gives you a noise-free printing experience on account of the 50 dB rating. So, I think it’s a better option for both office workers and homeowners. What do you think?


  • Friendly with USB, phone, or PC
  • Pretty easy to take out printing objects
  • 5 inches color touchscreen display
  • Equips durable plastic
  • Makes only 50 dB of noise, thus a quiet operation


  • Vibrates a bit

4. Monoprice 121711

Monoprice 121711

Measuring about 7.5 x 11.3 x 13.5 inches, this one from Monoprice is one of the most compact 3D printers I’ve seen so far. The overall shape it gets is perfect for every single desktop. You can even set it up on your tabletop.

It comes in an outstanding temperature range with a heated build plate, enabling the device to work with almost every kind of filament, ranging from basics to advanced materials.

Good to know, it’s capable of affording a temperature of about 482°F.I like the fully-assembled design it comes with. Just be sure to take it out from the manufacturer’s box and start running it straight away. That’s it!

Additionally, it’s equipped with a specific MicroSDTM card so that you won’t have to wait for that much to begin composing. Impressive, eh?

Well, on top of that, you can also connect this 3D printer to the PC and smartphone you’re using. The wireless connection will come in handy to get your task done.

If you find no wireless connection near to you, the MicroSD and USB will let you keep on your job. So, anytime and anywhere, you can get your printing objects and cookie cutters.

Last but certainly not least, the printer includes a color touchscreen display (3.7 inches), for which you can control the device in the way you want.


  • Suits desktop and tabletop with its compact shape
  • 482°F for optimal performance
  • Fully-assembled and gets a 3.7-inch display (touchscreen)
  • Compatible with smartphone, USB, MicroSD, and so on
  • Works perfectly with metal, Polylactic Acid, and Polyvinyl Alcohol


  • Slot of the MicroSD card stands in an awkward area!
  • The fan it comes with is a bit noisy

5. FlashForge 7.09652E+11

FlashForge 7.09652E+11

This is my second pick from FlashForge, designed for those who’re capable of breaking the bank to get a top-notch 3D printer. This device’s enclosed build makes it unique and super-awesome in terms of outlook.

Also, the high-quality aluminum plate (6.3mm) ensures that the inner surface will always remain flat as a pancake and won’t wrap at all during the heating period!

Manufactured with a premium-quality metal frame, I can guarantee that it’ll last for a more extended period. Doesn’t matter you’re using the printer regularly or every once in a while; it won’t let you down, trust me!

Besides, the machine includes an accurate Z-axis movement that keeps the platform arm far away from deforming. And good to know, the metal platform is capable of supporting a guide rod of nearly10 mm.

Let me show you the best part of this 3D printer – not only for cookie cutters, but the device can be used for a lot of different filament types as well, including ABS, PLA, Elastic, PVA, HIPS, TPE, flexible filament, wood-filled filament, and so forth.

Like my earlier pick, you’re getting an LCD screen that lets you operate the machine in a hassle-free way. Thankfully, the FlashForge team features a dual extruder, USB cable, and an SD card with a storage of 16 GB.

Its high-quality LED lights illuminate the device in the best way possible. Thus, you can easily see what’s happening inside the printer. Speaking of compatibility, it suits Windows, MAC Linux, OSX, FlashPrint, etc.


  • Enclosed build-up
  • Aluminum plate with sturdy metal construction
  • Suits tons of different types of filament
  • LCD screen and LED light for hassle-free operation
  • Friendly with Mac Linux and OSX, Windows, etc.


  • Expensive and noisy

6. QIDI Technology QDXONE2

QIDI Technology QDXONE2

Well, team QIDI Technology knows better how to make 3D printers in the best way possible. Their printer technology innovations are just fantastic, both performance and outlook. And when we talk about this model from QIDI Technology, I’m sure it won’t disappoint you at all!

I’d suggest giving this basic 3D printer to your little one. It’s pretty easy to operate and suits both families at home and school kids’ projects. When it comes down to installation, it’s a pre-assembled device.

You’re getting this impressive 3D printer with a metal frame structure at this price range. Unlike the typical devices, they can last for years without having much of a problem.

To let you use the printer for several projects, it works perfectly with PLA, ABS, TPU, and most importantly, anyone can make cookie cutters without spending hours and hours.

With the single extruder it comes with, the 3D printer can reduce the chance of lousy extrusion and clog. The aluminum plate is of top quality that doesn’t warp or lose its original shape while heating.

Now, the machine is designed to support lots of powerful functions, thanks to the unique slicing software (self-developed), making the printer even better in terms of performance.

Its touchscreen LCD (3.5 inches) makes your tasks more convenient; you can smoothly operate the printer without having any issues. Along with the device, you’re going to get a USB flash drive, power cable, and a piece of the filament guide tube.


  • Great for both kids and elders
  • Pre-assembled and comes in a self-developed software
  • 5-inch touchscreen display makes your task a snap
  • Metal body with top-quality aluminum plate ensures longevity
  • Ideal for cookie cutters and multiple types of filament


  • Overheating issues
  • Noisy a bit!

7. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono might be your go-to 3D printer if you’re looking for a faster device. The speed it offers is about 50 mm/h, making it 2.5 times quicker than the typical printers out there.

A maximum XY resolution of about 854 x 480 ensures detailed and precise printing within a shorter period. Without a doubt, you can use it for printing movies, miniatures, cartoon characters, games, and most importantly, cookie cutters.

So, feel free to make a connection through USB and produce tons of cookie cutters with numerous shapes and styles!

The printer can support Chutibox, Photon workshop, Lychee, and such slicing software to use the device for multiple purposes. So, I firmly believe that it can do it all, what do you think?

Well, unlike the mainstreams, it features a removable transparent cover at the top (yellow) that’s capable of blocking no less than 99% of UV (ultraviolet) rays. As a result, the printer minimizes useless light while printing. Once you open the cover, the device will stop printing right away.

I want to mention the build space it gets; it’s around 220 x 200 x 400 mm to make sure you can adjust almost every size of cookie cutter and take these pieces out without any damage.

Apart from that, the maker has added a 2K Monochrome LCD (6.08-inch) to take your printing skill to the next level. It minimizes the possibility of layer shifting, and at the same time, the printer enhances stability.


  • 854 x 480 resolution for accurate and detailed printing
  • Comes at a speed of around 50 mm/h
  • Gets a top cover of UV-blocking capability
  • Premium metal makes it sturdy and long-lasting
  • 220 X 200 X 400mm build space appears quite bigger


  • Seems a little complicated to operate!

8. Monoprice 121666

Monoprice 121666

Probably you’re still hunting for the best 3D printer for cookie cutters at an affordable range, right? Well, this is one of the main reasons why I’ve picked this model from Monoprice. Let’s see what it offers despite being as cheap as chips!

Speaking of build quality, the 3D printer is made of anodized aluminum (black) with high-quality steel to make it durable as well as versatile. Therefore, it can handle almost every task with little effort, from light to heavy-duty projects.

As for connectivity, the little boy right here supports Micro USB, Micro SD, and wireless Wi-Fi connection for hassle-free access. Besides, it’s a fully-assembled printer that reduces extra effort in assembly.

So, no matter you’re an expert or just a hobbyist, you can start making cookie cutters anytime and anywhere!

Did I used the word “anywhere?” Yep, it’s because the printer comes in a compact design with a weight of only 10.2 pounds. Consequently, you can move it to every single place with you. Probably, that’s the reason why it’s known as “Delta Mini.”

Thanks to the auto-calibration feature, you won’t have to use a lot of effort with bed leveling from now on. The printing speed is another plus point. Despite being a cheaper 3D printer, it delivers 150mm/s to confirm optimum results.

Getting professional and HD printouts isn’t an issue at all; the 50-micron resolution makes sure to support lots of printing materials from plastic to steel, polylactic acid, aluminum, and stuff like that.

Along with the printer, the manufacturer offers a filament holder, USB cable, plastic scraper, and many more. So, do you expect anything more at this price range? I don’t think so!


  • Cheaper and durable construction
  • Supports MicroSD, Wi-Fi, and Micro USB
  • Lightweight, compact, and ease of use
  • 150mm/s makes it faster and even better
  • 50-micron resolution to offer tremendous cookie cutters
  • Packs USB cable, filament holder, plastic scraper, etc.


  • Gets jammed at times!

9. Open Source CR-10 Printer from Creality 3D

Open Source CR-10 Printer from Creality 3D

This Open SourceCR-10 printer from Creality 3D takes the 8th position on my list. Talking about build spaces, this one is, hands down, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. It features a total of 12 x 12 x 15.5 inches of space to let you produce custom projects and cookie cutters within a shorter period.

Even on heavy prints, it’s capable of minimizing the x-axis weight to ensure a better performance; the credit goes to the unique extruder design it comes with.

Apart from the functionality, it stands out from the rest due to its durability. Thanks to this model’s maker for adding the aluminum frame as a primary material.

The thermo-plastic POM engineering wheels (triangle-slot) offer outstanding dimensional stability even after using for hours at a stretch! And guess what? The steel rods (metal-on-metal) reduces annoying noise dramatically.

So, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to keep yourself out of extreme noise while making cookie cutters and other printing objects.

Here is the wow factor: you’re getting a reliable glass bed that seems too flat. So, it ensures a 100% smooth and flat surface for all prints, from tiny files to large models.


  • Extra-large space
  • Aluminum frame for durability
  • Noise-free operation
  • Includes a smooth and very flat glass bed
  • Compatible with Polylactic Acid and metal


  • Not that good for beginners
  • Requires a little more time to set up!

10. Monoprice 113860

I’m going to wrap up this comprehensive review with the Monoprice 113860 that’ll give you more bang for your buck! Check the features out to know about this 3D printer in detail.

With its vertical spacing (7 inches) and a large build plate (8 x 8 inches), it’ll be nothing but a cinch to print complex and large models. From ABS to PLA and PLA blends, it lets you print such slow cooling materials as well.

Speaking of connectivity, it can support SD card or USB connectivity and is compatible with PC or Mac computers. Don’t worry about software compatibility as it suits Repeater, Simplify 3D, and Cura.

You can use a piece of MicroSD card (2GB) to slice or even store numerous printing models and some exquisite designs of cookie cutters for your convenience. Since it comes in a build space of nearly 200 x 200 x 180 mm, adjusting cookie cutters with several sizes will be as easy as pie!

Do you want to know about the temperature range? Well, interestingly, it can easily afford 260°C (500°F). This will allow you to print a wide variety of materials, such as – TPU, PVA, Jelly, HIPS, Foam, and so forth. Additionally, the machine packs a sample PLA filament.


  • Suitable to work with PC, Mac, and USB
  • Suits plenty of different types of materials
  • Ample build space to adjust numerous cookies cutters
  • Offers sample PLA filament and a 2 GB MicroSD


  • Sometimes, it gets overheated too early!

What to Look for Before Buying?

I know it’s not that easy to pick up the best 3D printer for cookie cutters since the current market packs hundreds of different models with different specs. So, before you spend your valuable dollars on a product, be sure to look for a couple of things below.

After considering all the factors, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to pick the right one to make a lot of cookie cutters at once.

Stay focused!


Hands down, it’s the most crucial factor that you should keep in mind before getting yourself a 3D printer. Since you’re going to produce cookie cutters with the assistance of electric power and heat, chances are the device you’re using won’t last for a long time if it’s manufactured with flimsy material.

So, be sure your 3D printer gets top-notch metal as a primary material or at least a plastic alloy of better quality.


What will you do with a printer that works at a snail’s pace to produce cookie cutters and other essential printing objects? So, your printer’s heating plate should take just a minimal time to heat up, for which you can get your job done with ease and quickly.

Thankfully, I’ve got a few models which are 2 to 2.5 times faster than the regular 3D printers out there.0

Hassle-Free Assembly

I don’t think you want to spend hours and hours on the internet just to get familiar with the assembly of 3D printers! If you’re someone like me, who doesn’t like to burn the midnight oil to assemble a printer, make sure to get your hands on a pre-assembled product, yep.

But if you think a pre-assembled printer is a bit steep, you should at least select a product that’s easy-peasy to assemble.

Quiet Printing

Dealing with noise is a bummer, especially if you’re operating a 3D printer for a longer period. In that case, getting yourself a product with about 50 decibels will be a better decision to eliminate the “cracking sound” while printing.

Compatibility and Connectivity

I like to have a printer with comprehensive connectivity, especially the one with a wireless connection. With its assistance, you’ll be able to print from a PC or your cellphone from a greater distance. And, of course, we all want get wireless devices these days!

Apart from that, the printer you’re going to get should be compatible with MicroSD and flash drives; guess why? A flashcard plays a key role in printing-out your necessary files when your personal computer breaks down.

Touchscreen Display

Trust me, a touchscreen display will come in handy when it comes to exploring multiple files for printing with the assistance of a mobile phone and PC. So, undoubtedly, having a printer with a clear LCD is crucial.


If you’re a professional worker, it’s a must to get a printer with high-resolution print. It lets you get some exquisite and detailed cutters within minutes. But that might cost a pretty penny!

So, if you’re looking for a 3D printer just for home baking, a printer with average resolution will be enough for you, hopefully.

Resume Printing Feature

With almost every 3D printer, it’s necessary to begin printing from the get-go in case of a machine failure or an accidental power cut.

In that case, if you get your hands on one that has this feature, you won’t have to start printing again from the beginning. When power returns, your device will resume, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are 3D printers designed just for making cookie cutters?

Not at all. A 3D printer is a multi-functional tool engineered for so many purposes. From cooking cutters to miniatures, you can use this versatile machine to accomplish multiple projects.

2. Is it okay to use ABS while making cookie cutters?

If the printer you’ve picked is compatible with ABS filament, it’s okay to use it for making cookie cutters. But I suggest using it just for once.

3. What should I pick to get rid of cracking sound?

If you don’t want to deal with annoying noise (like me) while printing, purchasing the Comgrow Ender 3 might be the right decision.

4. Is it really hard to assemble a printer?

I don’t think so, but if you’re new in the world of 3D printers, then it might seem a little complicated for the first time. In this case, you can go with a pre-assembled product to keep yourself out of all hassles.

5. Should the cookie cutters be food-safe?

Yes, it’s important to be sure that your printing machine has got approval officially from well-known regulators. Also, confirm that the filament or resin is safe to use.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing the best 3D printer for cookie cutters should seem more straightforward to you now that I’ve revealed every necessary piece of the puzzle. So, get your hands on the right tool and make things way more convenient than before!

If you ask me, I’d definitely vote for the Comgrow Ender 3. It’s super-fast and less noisy. Plus, the durability it comes with will blow your mind. If you want something aesthetic, you can try the Mars 2 3D Printer from ELEGOO.